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Loveda is a Croatian brand of natural cosmetics

Located beneath Bilogora towards western Slavonia, there is Veliki Grđevac and the small village of Dražica, where we cultivate chamomile on its beautiful fields. We grow it organically, and through steam distillation in our own facilities, we obtain high-quality blue oil and hydrosol.

Loveda products are made from natural ingredients. They do not contain parabens, sulfates, and are fragrance-free.

Our values

Why chamomile?

The description of the long-known medicinal properties of chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla L.) is evident in the record of the renowned botanist Hieronymus Bock from the year 1546: "Without this flower, the entirely common chamomile, nothing can be achieved because there is no more useful plant as a remedy than the chamomile flower, which is used for almost all illnesses."

Medicinal compounds

Many benefits

White chamomile, blue oil.